Saint Justin Olusola LLP is a fast growing law firm base in Nigeria with representatives in major cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria offering a complete range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Nigeria and across the globe through our international partners in other jurisdiction.

We not only represent our client, we offer the highest standard of expertise and professionalism by forging alliance with them to understand the issue in dept before giving advice. They see us as a partner, our relationship goes beyond the service we provide. Our mantra is to provide customers satisfaction which we aim to do within the bounds of law.

Legal practice is very challenging in Nigeria, our teams consist of vibrant young lawyers who are the first line of contact followed by well experienced support team of senior lawyers who are specialist in business and individual law practice.

Our firm recognise time is of essence and the problem of cross border business, our firm is backed by a robust IT system which not only enables us to operate 24 hours but also provide our clients especially overseas clients with real time information on the progress of their case.

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